2018 Coaches Notes

Coaches Notes

  1. Number of Games: Weather permitting, teams will play a minimum of 5 games and a maximum of 7 games. The number of games depends on qualifying for the Q-Games, and whether a Q-Game Replay is required.
  2. Doubleheaders: All teams will play twice on Monday, but no back-to-back games are scheduled. Some teams will play doubleheaders on Thursday if a Q-Game Replay is required.
  3. There is no possibility of playing 3 games in one day, for any team.
  4. Teams do not drop out of contention for Division I until they lose 2 games. If after a Q-Game the two teams each have one loss, they will play a Q-Game Replay on Thursday morning.
  • Exception: the Lucky Dog will have lost 2 games before the Q-Games and will still have a chance to move to Div. I if they win the Q-Game and Q-Game Replay.
  1. Lucky Dog: after Opening Round play on Monday, one 0-2 team will qualify for the Q-Games. This is new to the bracket, as a result of a 20-team tournament, in order to supply an even 16 teams in the Q-Games. The Lucky Dog team will be required to win 2 Q-Games in order to advance to Div. I.
  2. Bracket play in each of the Divisions is single elimination on winner’s side to the championship game.
  3. Barring changes due to weather, some Division III teams will finish their schedule on Friday; all Div. I and Div. II teams will play on Saturday.
  4. All batting cages and fields 1 through 8 are available for Practice beginning at noon on Sunday afternoon April 30. Do not practice on the Stadium Field (Field S). Field use is limited to 90 minutes per team; first come, first served.
  5. Fields are NOT available for practice on Wednesday—only batting cages.