2017 Tournament Rules

HWSA Organizational Rules

PLEASE NOTE: The Official HWSA Organizational Rules govern all HWSA tournaments.

2017 HWSA World Series – Tournament Rules

May 1 – May 6, 2017 | Lake Myrtle Sports Complex – Auburndale, Florida

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National Federation Rules Apply with the Following Exceptions/Additions 

New for 2017:

  • 20 team tournament: all opening round pools are made up of 4 teams; one Lucky Dog team will make it in to the Q Games (see the Seeding and Tie-Breaker page for a description of the Lucky Dog); Div. III will play a round robin and have a championship game if necessary

Game Balls: HWSA will provide all game balls. Note: This has become a significant expense for HWSA. This year under normal conditions, HWSA will provide 6 baseballs for each game—3 or 4 new balls (including the pre-game “pitcher baseballs”) plus 2 or 3 acceptable used baseballs. After that, teams will be asked to provide additional good-condiition used balls needed to finish the game.

Foul Balls:. Both teams need to chase foul balls along fence and out of play on their respective side of field.

Game Times & Time Limits: Most games will have a 2 hour and 10 minute time limit. No new inning may start after time has expired (new inning starts immediately after last out). Time will be kept on the field by an umpire.

Time Limit Exceptions: The time limit does not apply for the Div. I and Div. II semi-final games and all three division championship games. These games are all 7 innings in length, with mercy rules in effect.

Game Schedule: Game times for Thurs. are contingent on the number of required Q Game tie-breakers and will be set later in the tournament. Refer to www.hwsa.net for updates.

  • If back-to-back double headers are required, we will try to give teams a 45 minute break between games.
  • If we get ahead of schedule, please be prepared to start earlier than scheduled.

Ties: There will be no ties. Each game will be played until a winner is determined.

Weather Contingencies: We will use Wednesday as a rain makeup day, if needed. After Wednesday, we will do whatever it takes to get the tournament completed, even if it means shortening games and/or playing at unusual times or places. In the event of rainy conditions, please be flexible and patient as we work out field and time contingencies. Refer to www.hwsa.net for updates.

  • For schedule changes due to weather, teams should be flexible and prepared to play within 2 hours’ notice.
  • Coaches: check in at the tournament office after each game to confirm your next game time.
  • All communication will be made to the cell phone of the head coach.

Home Team: The home team will always occupy the First Base Dugout. Home (H) and visiting (V) teams are denoted on the bracket for some Division III games. For Q-Games the home team is the lowest numbered seed. For Q-Game Replays, the home team will be the winner of the first Q-Game. For all other games in the tournament, a coin flip will determine the home team. When possible, if coaches can get together to flip on their own, that will help us.

Pre-Game In and Out: Only if allowed by the field maintenance crew and if time allows for both teams to take in and out; 8 minutes maximum allowed per team. Game times will not be altered in order to allow for pre-game infield, so if games are running late, there will be no pre-game practice. Use the outfields while fields are being prepared.

Official Score Book: The home team score book will be the official score book for each game. The official scorekeeper may NOT sit in the dugout, and must be accessible to the plate umpire. It is strongly encouraged that the scorekeepers from each team work together throughout the game.

Scoreboard: The visitor team will provide the scoreboard operator.

Courtesy Runners: for catcher and pitcher of record only (not mandatory).

Protests: Protests are allowed on rule interpretations only. (No protests on judgment calls.) Protests must be made at the time of the dispute before the next pitch. Specific and detailed procedures for protests are reprinted from the HWSA Rules in the 2017 World Series Program.

HWSA Rules of Conduct: The rules of conduct that have been adopted by the Board of Directors will apply. Please refer to the Rules of Conduct printed in the program. Remember that all we do and say is to be Christ-honoring.

Fan Control: Head coaches are responsible for the conduct of team fans during the game. If a fan becomes unruly and refuses to control his or her tongue, the Field Manager, Tournament Director, or HWSA Board Member will first ask the head coach to control the fan, and if needed, to remove the fan from the premises. If the fan refuses to leave the premises, the team will forfeit the game.

Ejection: A player or coach who is ejected from a game (for whatever reason) must “sit out” the next game. Depending upon the infraction, HWSA may take additional disciplinary action against an ejected coach. Taking additional disciplinary action against the ejected player is the responsibility of the team.

Pitcher Usage: HWSA does not have “pitch count” rules. It is the responsibility of the individual coaches to be sensitive to the health and welfare of their pitchers’ arms.

Mercy Rule: 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, or 10 runs after 5 innings. Mercy rule applies for all games, including the division championship games.

Dugout Personnel: Only “rostered” players and coaches are permitted in the dugouts during games. A “bat boy” is permissible only if a helmet is worn by the bat boy at all times. The official scorebook may not be in the dugout. The visitor scorebook may be in the dugout provided that it is kept by a “rostered” player or coach.

Dugout Water: Teams are to provide their own water for the dugout.

Uniforms: Unless otherwise agreed – home team wears white or their lightest color, and visitor wears darkest color.

Coaching Attire: The head coach (manager) and all base coaches must wear full uniforms. Coaches may wear a windbreaker over their uniform jersey. Assistant coaches that are confined to the dugout are exempt.

Official Rosters: The 2017 World Series Program contains the official roster for each team. As a courtesy, any discrepancies in jersey numbers from what is printed in the Program should be brought to the attention of the Field Manager before a game starts.

Litter: Please have your players pick up in the dugout, and have your fans pick up litter in the bleachers. Thank you!

Medical needs: There is no HWSA medical staff at the tournament. If it is an emergency, 911 should be called. For non-emergency needs, the tournament office will have a list of nearby care facilities.

Tournament Award Ceremonies: All teams that qualify for medals (Div I – top 4; Div II – top 3; Div III – top 2) are expected to stay for the tournament award ceremonies that will be held immediately following the conclusion of each division championship game. All-American awards will be presented following each team’s final game and re-presented for all who remain following the Division 1 Championship Game.